Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18th January: Being & Tim

my characters Being & Tim finally made it to Plato's realm of the forms: the metaphysical place where the perfect representations of all objects lives, according to Plato.

But my, doesn't it look familiar?!

all the pictures from my one-a-day project that gets me totally up-to-date HONEST!

january 16: my characters being and tim, enjoying a philosophical holiday.
and getting metaphysically lost on january 17th!
january 15th: some characters from www.friendsonbenefits.blogspot.com
january 12th

January 14th

I went to the Courthold gallery in London with my friend Joel the other day and saw the most amazing drawing from the 16th century. I tried copying a detail from it, pretty inaccurately. Joel said he wanted a photo of me drawing it, so there's that too...!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

carebook mascot

this little fellow is a 'mascot' for CareBook, a website that my family are developing as a social-networking site for people with cancer.